Headfone App Full Detailed Review

Hi friends in this article we will see the review of the Headfone Application. The app offers a selection of stories ranging from humor to horror and romance. As well as the ability to record your thoughts and experiences to share with others. You can even download your favorite stories to listen to them offline whenever you like. The story narrators do a great job in providing you with the greatest possible experience.

The best feature about the app is that there are no advertisements. It contains radio and stories, which most people will enjoy hearing. As well as a clean and user-friendly UI that encourages us to tap the app button again and again. The app also does not require a lot of internets. It offers a varied range of information that suits a variety of tastes and languages. The best part is that there are no ads or premium subscription fees.

This application succeeded to do something positive at a time when every application is either spoiled with hundreds of advertisements or asks for payment. Instead of processing or uploading, when we use the Headfone app to upload audio, it will show a percentage. We can see how much of our audio has been transferred in this method, which is helpful because uploading audio is not easy.

Notable Cons

The voice that was previously uploaded should be on top so that even if some parts of the voice are added later, each voice will be presented one after the other. If there’s any way we could improve it, we may list the song’s name and artists as well. It would be quite helpful to those who are unfamiliar with English music since it would allow them to quickly learn about the song and performer.

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