Credit Score Loans Credit Card App Review

Hi, friends, In this article, we will see the Credits Score Loans Creditcard Application review. The information on active and closed loans can help you understand your cibil score and loan account. But it could be more accurate. The best feature automatically tracks our bank balance and activities. Also, receives credit cards due to date reminders. This app also has a news section to get the most up-to-date financial news and tips.

The bank balance and transaction tools are instrumental. We can see our bank balances, loans, and credit card information. Also, we can apply for loans and credit cards from the comfort of our own homes. You can discover answers to your financial questions and possibilities from various banks. The card was free for life with no hidden fees. And the entire process will finish online without the need to travel or meet with any agents to sign documents. In a few simple steps, it approves via video call.

Notable Cons

When you check any credit card details, it gets clicked on applied, which is not a good interface. There is no way to stop the application you created by accident. Customer Service will repeatedly call you. If there were a single view to see the bank balance of all accounts associated with the phone, that would be excellent. It’s also helpful for keeping track of credit card bills and EMI.

You may not receive a credit report after entering all your personal information on the website and in the app. After entering all of your information, the website will redirect you to the app for installation. And then you’ll have to enter it all over again. After gathering information, a notification appears stating that a report cannot be available at this time.

Suppose you click anywhere in the credit card section for information and knowledge. They will collect your information into their system and contact you for a credit card. When you answer the phone, they immediately start gathering your information, regardless of whether you are interested in a credit card or not. It would be helpful to improve customer service.

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